Why India is a secular country? The Answer!

why india is a secular country:India has a long history of religious conflict. It was the birthplace of Hinduism and Buddhism and is home to many different religions. Today, there is a lot of tension between Hindus and Muslims and some of the violence that has resulted is the result of religious differences. There are also tensions between Hindus and Christians, Sikhs and Buddhists. This post will discuss the history of India, how it got this way and how that history has impacted the country today.

Why India is a secular country?

India is a secular country because it has a secular constitution. It was drafted in 1950 with an aim to prevent religious strife. There are three basic principles that the constitution aims to achieve. First, India will be a secular state where there will be no discrimination against any religious community. Second, the government will be secular in nature and will not intervene in matters of religion. Third, the government will be guided by the ideals of Indian culture and the values of democracy. This constitution is the most important document in the history of India.

3 Points why India is secular country

The first principle is the freedom of religion. This means that all religions should be allowed to exist.

Second principle is the equality of all citizens. It is important that everyone is treated equally regardless of their religion.

Third principle is the freedom of speech and expression. No one should be discriminated against because of their religion. This means that no one should be forced to follow any particular religion.


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