Kunal Kashyap from Backdroid

Kunal kashyap is the founder of backdroid.com a blog which is dedicated to ‘Android’ which covers all the topics around Android like Apps, Games, Tutorials and Guides.

Kunal Kashyap is from India and specifically from Rajasthan (India), He’s the topper of his School. Kunal is a blogger by profession. He’s a 19 year old kid who writes incredibly.

He’s a youtube back in 2016 at the age where people are busy studying. Kunal is the guy who started making tech videos about the best apps and other explanations. So, That’s what I got to know about Kunal Kashyap, CEO and Founder of Backdroid.

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Name:Kunal Kashyap.
Company valuation:$11,370 – $13,900.
Lives in:India.

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